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Looking for more than just a car wash in Waukee? DSM Detailing offers expert car detailing Waukee that goes beyond a basic clean. We restore, protect, and maintain your car, using top-of-the-line tools and techniques to deliver a showroom finish that surpasses expectations. Contact us today for in-shop or mobile detailing services

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Watch how our expertly devised detailing process revitalizes a car's show-stopping looks and peak performance.

Show Your Car Some Love with Waukee's Premier Car Detailing!

Basic car washes just don't cut it. At DSM Detailing, our Waukee car detailing goes above and beyond. Our team of car care champions provide a meticulous hand wash and wax that tackles everything from road grime to stubborn scratches and stains. The result? A dazzling shine that reflects your pride in your car. Don't just take our word for it – see the difference for yourself! Get a free quote today and experience the DSM Detailing difference!

Book a detail and we’ll come straight to your driveway. All we need is access to water & electricity. Our Des Moines shop is also available.

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​​Car Detailing Waukee vs. the Average Car Wash

Skip the tunnel wash, choose car detailing Waukee! Unlike a typical car wash, our expert detailers provide a meticulous hand wash and wax that tackles built-up dirt, stains, and even scratches. The result? A showroom-worthy shine that makes your car look its absolute best.

Tunnel Wash
Our Hand Wash
Carbon Footprint
❌ Up to 50 gallons of water per wash
✔️ Only 5 gallons of water per wash
Ease of Use
❌ Customers have to drive and wait
✔️ We come to your Home or Office
❌ Average service and bad quality work
✔️ 5-Star Service and 100% Satisfaction
❌ Uses cheap chemicals bought in bulk
✔️ Locally sourced high quality products
Interior Clean
❌ No work performed on car's interior
✔️ Complete interior service + shampoo
Exterior Clean
❌ Scratches and swirls all over vehicle
✔️ Like New, Showroom quality finish

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Give the gift of a sparkling shine with a DSM Detailing car detailing Waukee gift card. Available online or in-store, it's the perfect way to show you care!

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Don't Just Wash It, Love It: Why DSM Detailing is Your Partner in Car Detailing Waukee

Your car is not only for transportation. It's a source of freedom, a symbol of accomplishment, and an extension of your personality. That's why settling for a basic car wash Waukee just doesn't cut it. At DSM Detailing, we understand this deep connection and are passionate about providing exceptional car detailing Waukee services that go beyond a simple wash and dry.

We recognize that trust is paramount when it comes to caring for your prized possession. That's why we operate on three core principles:

Passionate Enthusiasts:

We share your love for cars. From the joy of that first set of wheels to the thrill of owning your dream car, we get it. Your vehicle requires the best care and attention, and that's exactly what we provide. We treat every car that comes through our doors with the same meticulous detail we would dedicate to our own. Our passion fuels our dedication to bringing out the best in yours, leaving you with a gleaming, head-turning masterpiece.

Professional Expertise:

DSM Detailing is more than your average car wash Waukee IA. We are a team of highly trained and certified professionals dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We invest heavily in ongoing education and training to stay at the forefront of the detailing industry. Our detailers are subject matter experts, equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle any detailing task, big or small. We take immense pride in delivering top-notch quality work that adds lasting value to your car.

Knowledgeable Educators:

Our passion for car care translates into a wealth of knowledge we're eager to share with our customers. We believe a well-informed customer is a happy customer. That's why we go beyond simply detailing your car. We take the time to explain our processes, educate you on proper car care techniques, and answer any questions you may have. We want you to understand the value we bring to the table and empower you to make informed decisions regarding your car's care.

By upholding these core values, DSM Detailing aspires to be more than just a business providing exceptional car detailing Waukee services. We envision ourselves as a community hub for car enthusiasts, a place where knowledge is shared, and a passion for automobiles flourishes.

Why Choose DSM Detailing for Your Car Detailing Needs in Waukee, Iowa?

When you choose DSM Detailing, you're choosing a team that is:

-Dedicated to Quality: We never compromise on quality. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures a spotless finish that leaves your car looking brand new.

-Highly Experienced: Our team boasts extensive experience in all aspects of car detailing. We can handle everything from a basic interior cleaning to a comprehensive paint correction and ceramic coating.

-Customer-Focused: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We will collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our services accordingly. We offer flexible scheduling options, including mobile detailing services for your convenience.

-Transparent and Upfront: We believe in clear communication. Before we begin any work, we provide you with a detailed quote outlining the services included and the associated cost. There aren’t any hidden fees or surprises.

-Eco-Friendly: We use only the highest quality, eco-friendly detailing products to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our team, our customers, and the planet.

Looking for More Than Just a Car Wash Waukee?

At DSM Detailing, we offer a comprehensive menu of car detailing Waukee services in Waukee, Iowa, designed to meet your specific needs and budget. Following are some of our services we offer:

Interior Detailing: Our interior detailing services include thorough vacuuming, steam cleaning, leather conditioning, and meticulous stain removal, leaving your car's interior fresh and immaculate.

Exterior Detailing: Our exterior detailing services encompass a multi-stage wash process, including a clay bar treatment to remove contaminants, followed by a meticulous hand polish and a high-quality wax application for a lasting shine.

Paint Correction: Our paint correction process tackles swirls, scratches, and oxidation, leaving your car looking brand new again.

Ceramic Coating:  For unmatched protection and a show-car shine, consider our ceramic coating services. This advanced technology provides long-lasting protection against UV rays, scratches, and environmental contaminants.

Fleet Detailing: DSM Detailing offers comprehensive fleet cleaning services, keeping your vehicles looking professional and maximizing their lifespan.

Ready to Experience the DSM Detailing Difference?

When it comes to car detailing Waukee, don't settle for anything less than the best. Contact DSM Detailing today for a free quote and discover the difference that passion, expertise, and knowledge can make. We look forward to transforming your car and exceeding your expectations.

Car Detailing At Home

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How can I book an appointment?

Book an appointment anytime by phone or online. For the fastest response time you can call or text (515) 205 8489 Monday to Friday anytime from 8am - 6pm. You can also easily book online by clicking BOOK NOW Button near the top of the page.

Can you detail my car at my home, office or apartment?

Yes we can! All we need is acess to electricity and water. We carry extention cords for water and electricity as long as 100 feet so its easy for us to access power.

How long does car detailing usually take?

Each detail takes a different amount of time depending on the size and dirtyness of the vehicle. On average it takes 1.5-3.5 hours for an Exterior Detail job. It takes 1.5-3.5 hours for an Interior Detail job, and it takes 2-5 hours for a Full Detail job.

How long will the clean last?

We at Dsm Detailing pride ourselves in how long we are able to keep your car clean even after we are done detailing. We generously apply various paint, window, and plastic sealants and protectants all over your car to keep it shinning and protected for longer. We like to give our customers a lot of value for their money and making the detail job last a long time is our priority.

What if I don't have access to water or electricity?

If you don't have access to water or electricity, we've got you covered. Contact us at (515) 205 8489 to find out where we can meet up to get your car looking brand new. There are many options for dropping off your car, you can either have a friend drop your car off with you so they could give you a ride home while you're waiting for it to be cleaned, you can use Uber, or we can arrange a shuttle ride for you at a small price. We have a washing location in Des Moines. So, there is no need to worry if you live someplace without access to both water and electricity. We are here to help!